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I remember the nervous car ride over. I remember trying to keep myself balanced walking toward him. I still remember the feeling of his arms wrapped around me in that parking lot. the feeling of touching someone I hadn’t touched in a month, the feeling of kissing him after talking about it for weeks. I remember crying for days when he left again, I remember being nervous as hell for college and him telling me I’d kill it and I’d be fine.

and one night, someone takes advantage of you. so you’re honest with him. and you honestly think he loves you enough to work through it. but he doesn’t. and he can’t.

how do you stop loving someone?

why couldn’t I just have a second chance. I’m a fucking mess. I haven’t gone an hour without crying my eyes out. My eyes are swollen, my head hurts and I can’t leave my dorm room. I’m miserable. I needed that second chance.